December 31, 2010

Have A Blast New Year!

Pampaarammm,a couple of hours left before we end this year twenty ten. I was like,OMG! The time run sooo-sooo-fast man. I can't wait for twenty eleven,serious shit its kinda awesome thing. I meant,great things are waiting for me in twenty eleven.

- Superfantastic 18th birthday bash on 19 of January.
- I got my driving license.
- Papa going to buy me a car.
- Mama going to replace my laptop with a brand new notebook.
- Non-stop vacation with my ladies.
- Going to gain more and more money with my part time work.
- Married? MAYBE x)

For the year twenty eleven baby,please be good to me. I want you to be the most-most-most happening year ever in my whole life. Treat me nicely,don't ever make me hurts. Other than that,stop making me cry. I just need you to make me smile. Lastly,find me another superhero. It's time for me to open a new book,and left all the past memories behind. Goodbye twenty ten and welcome twenty eleven. Happy New Year world!

XX,Ellynda Suriya Kenchana.

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