June 7, 2010


Hell hello peeps,

Quite a tough day last night,hmm everything going on very fast. Just like the wind blow the leaves,yeah I've to accept it even I can't accept those fate. Yeah,5months taught me everything. Im not a strong girl before this,but I guess Im strong enough after live with him. God had made this fate,that Im not the one who deserve him. He taught me how to be a patience person,and not to be a heartless person. He know me better,he know that I hate those guys with heartless type. And he keep saying he want to change his attitude,and let those bitch see the truth on him.

I keep supporting him until now,but fate brought us here. Yeah,here. Its the end of our love story,our sweet moment together for 5months. 5months isn't enough to show my love towards him,and my trust over him. Thank God because gave me a change to bring my life into his life. I never stop saying,I LOVE YOU BABY because that words make me storng day by day. I'll miss him saying I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH BUNBUN,yeah bunbun. There's only one person calling me with that nickname,there's no one else. All of our dreams dissapear at the end of this road,our love journey. I guess I'll never forgot those thing,those dreams that we had share together since 27th of December 2009.

I keep crying when I talk about this,I thought he'll be going my last man. Yeah,my superhero. But,its just a trash talk or maybe a fairytale that aren't going to be happen. Wake up Ell,its end of your story! No,I won't wake up. I feel more and more hurt when I woke up from my sleep,and i guess i should continue my sleep so I won't feel that hurt. I'll never forget about the title he had gave me last night. PEMBAWA SIAL,yeah thats me. He keep saying those words with no hearts and feeling,I can't say anything. Just a few droplet of tears come out from my eyes. I don't want to think negatively about him,and saying to myself that he had a lot of problems so the title PEMBAWA SIAL its just a joke -,-

Im sure he'll never forget about Dimbo or maybe Banjaria Court. Hmm,those thing never vanish from my mind. I just wanted him to know that I really-really love him,no matter what happen Im still waiting for him. That's all my promises,thanks you so much for the title and goodluck in everything you've done. Muchas gracias te'amore -,-

With love,Ell.

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