June 8, 2010


Hell hello peeps,

Last night I had a small depression,just like you know it's because of him. Im texting with him just like usual,but the only different is we're using kau dan aku. Erk,it's normal I think for those who are in our situation. I don't know what Im going to talk with him,speechless -,- He story about he want to go to watch Toy's Story 3,and I like okay okay. That's my favourite movie -,- I don't ask with whome he want to go with,because I know he'll say it's none of my bussiness. We're pretending,yes we're! I've to,I don't want him to see me in a weak condition. Yeah,I meant I want him to see me that I'm a strong girl. A girl that still can breathe even without him.

Trying,yeah Im still trying. It's already 10o'clock,I feel uneasy feeling inside of me. I took my phone and started to walk all over around. I don't know where am I going to go,I keep walking and stop at the playground. Sitting on the slide,playing with the swing in the middle of the night. I feel free,I feel like the world is mine. I can't see anything,I can only hear sounds from the frog and some insects. The weather getting colder,and my flu are ready to attack me. Im still there,I don't want to get back home. I feel the freedom here,I can forget all my dilemma here. Why should I get home?

Hmm,too bad for me. My condition getting worst,there's a flu and some other thing. I must be strong to get back home,I keep on walking and stop in front of my house. Im sitting there,looking at the sky. There's one bright moon a few shining stars,Im smiling when I looked at it. I thought I was alone,but I was wrong. There's moon and stars that accompany me,thank you. I keep looking at them,but suddenly my phone ringing. I took out my phone and see the name on the screen 'NAJIEB AIDIED'. Gosh,why he call me all of sudden? Hmm,I keep talking with him. He seek for my apology because he didn't reply my text last night. I didn't mind at all,before we held that call he ask if I want to text with him or not. I don't mind,Im just saying okay and goodbye.

Waiting for him to text me,takes about 15minutes. I was bored doing nothing all alone outside of my house -,- I went back to my room,switch on my lappy and started to hear some of my favourite song. Online while texting,isn't feel soo bad. Just okay,but Im getting bored doing all this thing. Can suggest me one thing to do except online and texting? Hmm,I wish I could hear his voice last night. Im waiting actually,but I know it won't be happened. I keep remember those thing,those thing that I do with him. And it make my tears drop,what should I do? I wish that I could have 3 magical wish this night so I could use it wisely. Can I?

With love,Ell.

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