May 6, 2010

I'll fix it as soon as possible,

Hell hello peeps,

Im here again,dah lama tak update kan so bila dah dpt update I mcm err err -__- Ok ok,I nk post entry bout something yg I really2 have to fix it quickly. Bnd ni sgt important ouw,if I tak fix bnd ni sure something bad will happen. Yeaah,I takut kot =.='

Its about my relationship. Haish,makin hr makin worst je. I taktau mana silap nya,but let it just be my fault. Even I taktau apa slh nya,biar lah I yg jd topic in this situation. I mcm ergh,nk stress tp I kena control everything. I pn tak sihat this few days,batuk2 lah flu lah. Dgn ulser lg,tak fhm btl. Im praying for the best,sbb dah nk SPM. Ssh kot if sakit2,hmm.

Ok,lets continue our topic. First of all,I nk fix my relationship. If I story dkt org pn,siorg mst ingt relationship I mcm tak kemana je. But for me,I akn protect relationship I selagi yg boleh. Tak kisah lah org nk ckp apa,or nk buat apa. I tetap akn standing still dkt sini. I bkn nk mengharap or what,maybe sbb terlalu syg. Yelaa,siapa nk org yg kita syg hlg dr hidup kita kan? Even dia buat apa2 sekali pn yg menyakitkan hati kita,just sbr ok? Tak semua org boleh sbr,but try dulu. If kita nk apa yg kita nk selama ni,sure kita akn dpt.

Even I tau relationship I tak berapa ok this few days,im just praying for the best. I hope sgt I dpt balik apa yg hlg dlm relationship I. I nk situation mcm dulu,best kot. I akn try to fix all things,so it can be back like usual. Pray for me



  1. insya Allah,
    hopefully u bahagia ell :)
    ouh, miss my budak :(

  2. salam.
    thanx sudi becme as my followers...<3
    u rock babe.
    pasal ur rltionship 2,
    just dont worry,
    b happy ;p
    ingat ALLAH slaluuuu ;D



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