May 14, 2010

Busy bee,

Hell hello peeps,

Whoa,its been soo long that I never update my lovely blog. Awhh,I miss you blog! Im currently busy nowadays,yeah with school stuff,life and so on. But you know what,Im back to happy mode. My life,I meant my relationship are back to usual. Err,I hope it will long lasting. Pray for me ok? Im currently sitting for my mid-year examination next week,on Wednesday 19th of May 2010. Duh,Im afraid that Im gonna failed my Sejarah once again. Its quite a tough subject for me,i dont know why but to me it's seems useless when I learned about Sejarah =.=' Its also wasting my time,GRR!

Just praying for me ok? Seriously,Im really-really busy right now. Busy doing my revision,duh you know what. I've to cover all my form4 syllabus for all subject,thats what we called INSANE! I know Im not focusing my study when Im in form4,but errgh -___- I've to face it,go ELL! Yeahh,face it althought I feel like Im gonna kill myself doe. Im afraid that I can't carried it out,there's a lot of stuff I've to read within a week. I know it's too late,but no worry I'll try to do the best!

I really-really MISS him

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