April 27, 2010

4th month anniversary,

Hell hello peeps,

Ey ey,today is 27th of April 2010. Thats meant DJ and me had been together for 4months. Wuhhuu! Im happy,totally happy. Im still stick with him,hari tu mmg ada misunderstanding sikit. Yeah,DJ rasa dia tak dpt full attention sbb I busy sgt last week. Sorry sgt2,tak sengaja pn. Just busy pg extra classes and so on,sorry tau tau? Psl dia curang for 2nd time tu,takda pn. Dia just ckp2 je,GRR!

Lastnight I otp dgn dia,dia yg suruh cll. Rindu lah bagai,gedik kan? Haha,dia mmg mcm tu. Act I pn rindu dia lah,tipu lah if I tak rindu dia kan kan? Hee,dua2 membebel apa entah sampai dah sleepy gila babi. Tak boleh blah ouw,mata I dah tertutup separuh ouw ;D I thought nk buat homework English after otp,tp hbs je otp terus tidur. Sleepy lah chaa! Tp time otp mmg best lah kan,happy je. Best


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