March 5, 2010

why ? ,

hell hello people , good evening ! im guess im not in a good mood enough , theres no reason for me to keep my smile for the whole day . HUH , my hearts trembling doe . idk why , tp theres a few reasons and i think u guys should notice wht im goin to say . ya , its about Danny Johan . er , we're not break off . but we'll berpisah for temporarily time , HMM ;( i knw , its hard for me ouw . but , he must go for tht shit . 3month ouw , idk how im goin to handle this situation . even for 3days , i dah mcm err -____- oh God , knp perlu skrg ? GRR !

ya , idk wht im feeling today . tp theres a sad feeling deep inside my hearts , HMM ;( i just cant let Danny go ouw , he's my everything . today i mmg tak txt dgn die sgt , sbb die pg class driving from 9am to 4pm . ya , mmg lama kan ? takpe lah , bkn tiap2 hari . er , td die break time i txt dgn die . tibe2 je ktorg ckp psl PLKN , then die ckp die tgh tggu txt frm ape enta . nk tau die dpt kem dkt mane , ya mmg i tau die kene pg PLKN . tp i ingt bkn dlm mase tdekat ni , ERGH >.<

then die txt i die ckp die dpt kem dkt Baranang , Selangor . 29th of March 2010 dah kene register , DUH cpt gile ouw . hari ni dah 6th of March , less than one month je ouw die dah kene pg . HMM , mcm mane ni ? 3bln ouw ;( i pn taktau nk ckp mcm mane lg , rase mcm sad je kan ? dah lah i mmg jauh dr die , ni die kene pg PLKN pulak . lg lah rase jauh sbb tak dpt cntct tiap2 hari . sad sad sad ;( even die ckp every Sunday dpt hp , tp Sunday je ktorg bole cntct sume . DUH , seksa nyee =.='

there's no more hug
there's no more kisses
there's no more sleeping together
there's no more cry and laugh together
for 3month ;(

xoxo , Ell Johan
mood ; sadd !

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