February 3, 2010

otp ,

hell hello :) smlm i otp dgn Danny , HEE . act i tido awl ouw smlm , tgh txt2 dgn die then tertido around 2300 something lah . 0115 i guess die cl , HEE . nasib i tersedar ouw , best best dpt dgr suare die . rinduu ouw ! otp for 1hour , talk this talk that and talk everything . he kept saying tht his bontot sakitt , HAHA . pdn muke , na tao sbb ape ? sbb die jatuh time tgh skate , HAHA . i tdpt na byang kan ouw , yela superman gombak jatuh . HEE , smpi na nges kott sbb sakit sgt . kalau i ade dkt situ , for sure i gelak tanpa henti .

seriously , i mmg rindu sgt2 dkt die ouw . best dpt dgr suare die , dpt manje dgn die AWW ! i bebel jgk dkt die pasal die jatuh toh , i suruh die pg clinic mcm2 alasan yg kuar tp mulut asyik ckp sakit je . HAIH -__- die mmg degil ouw . after one hour otp , ktorg txt sekejap . then i smbung tido i yg tadi tergendala , HAHA .

wif lots of lovee , Ell Johan
mood ; YAY !

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