February 18, 2010

new habit ,

hell hello peeps , good evening :) Danny Johan got new habit , HAHA . he's just soo sweet this few days , AWW . idk why , but i can feel it baby . im soo excited when im mentioned his name , ahh Ell Johan is insane already HAAHHA .

ok let me tell you wht is Danny's new habit , ok ok every morning when i woke upi never received his msg wished me good morning or err whatever . but starting when , err bile ek ? oh yeah , start frm yg ktorg break err gado i guess . start frm tht day , die da mule msg i every morning when he just woke up .

i was just likee , err knp die ni kan ? HAHA , yela kisnda freako but its the sweetest thing i think . na tao ke ape msg yg i dpt every morning ? HEE , ok this wht i get frm Danny Johan ;

good morning sunshinee

err , mcm ta pcy je Danny wish i mcm toh kan ? HAHA , yela die tapena msg i bile die bgn tido ouw . so i bile bgn , for sure i akn amek hp then bace msg die . HAHA , yeah ofcoz akn senyum sendiri . i feel like im flying in the sky , haaaa .

xoxo , Ell Johan
mood ; goin crazee

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