February 15, 2010

my boy ,

1. What’s his name?
Danny Johan

2. How long have you been dating?
1month 2weeks 13days

3. Can you tell him anything?
HOHO , of course lah :)

4. What’s his favorite color?
green kott , HAHA

5. When is his birthday?
3rd of November 1992

6. How old will he be turning?
sweet 18

7. How much do you see each other?
everyday , in my my wet dream -____-

8. On a scale of 1-10, How much do you like him?

9. Do you love him?
if i dont love him , i dont put his face in my blog moron !

10. What’s his full name, first/middle/last.
Danny , Err Dann maybe .

11. Have you ever been to the movies with him?
i admit , we haven't watching movies yet .

12. What movie did you see?
ERR , we watch our own movie . get it ? ok thanks :)

13. Name a memory you shared with him?
we shared everything , HEE

14. Have you met his parents?
nope , but i guess soon

15. Has he met your parents?
yes , on 5th of February until 7th of February .

16. How many siblings does he have?
2 only

17. Have you kissed him in the rain?
no , but we've been kissing in the train in front of makcik and pakcik . could you ?

18. Can he make you in the best mood EVER?
yes , of course he can . he's awesome -_____-

19. What’s his moms name?
Rose Johan . how can i forget my mother in law's name ?

20. Is he funny?
he's trying to be funny , sometimes but he can't . HAHA

21. Name his favorite quote?
well , this is Danny Johan . hate that words , GRR !

22. What is his favorite thing to do?
skateboarding , but ERR mama doesn't want him to play that animal .

23. Does he have any pets?
im his pet :)

24. What does he want to name his kids, when he’s older?
we already have a daughter named Darina Emmelda .

25. Someone hits you, What does he do?
i think , he just watch me being hit . well , he the cruel man ever .

26. Do you hold hands often?
HAHA , of course we do .

27. Does he cuss?
ya , not really

28. Does he have a job?
he's jobless , Ohhemmgee !

29. Do you hug him alot?
AWW , i hold him every second

30. Does your family like him?
ERR , u should ask my family by yourself doOd !

xoxo , Ell Johan
mood ; hyper

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