February 12, 2010

from little asshole kiddo ,

hey , i got this txt from Rebekah . smlm mmg i ade txt dgn die , and she rep all my txt except my last txt . ok , this is my txt wif her :)

Ell Johan ; hey , is this Rebekah ?
Rebekah ; yeah and who is this ?
Ell Johan ; Ellynda Johan . we need to settle this matter , about Danny Johan
Rebekah ; umm okay ?
Ell Johan ; i talk to u in nice way ok , lg pun u bwh i . act wht is ur prob wif Danny Johan ? just tell me the truth .
Rebekah ; nothings wrong
Ell Johan ; sure ? i think u got probs , just tell me out . before im makes some request for u .
Rebekah ; nothings wrong
Ell Johan ; ok , i want to make some request . firstly stop disturbing our privacy , i meant our life . stop cl n txting Danny Johan , Iqbal had told me everything .
Rebekah ; yeah no problem
Ell Johan ; if i tao u cntct Danny Johan again and again , just wait and see wht im goin to do ok ? lg pun i tao u bnyk guy friends , cl them but not Danny Johan . and for ur information , Danny Johan tade ape2 feeling dkt u . get it ? ok thanks for the cooperation . byebye kiddo .
Rebekah ; psh , u think i care ? haha
Ell Johan ; stop making jokes lah kiddo , youre troublemaker doOd and for sure youre too young for this matter .

HAHA , see tht ? knp die ta rep ek ? HEE , ok whatever . the important thing , if die still cntct Danny Johan i will makes her fucking life just like in the hell . HAHA , gotcha !

xoxo , Ell Johan
mood ; fuck you :)

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