February 13, 2010

for u kiddo ,

hello again :) smlm i ade ym dgn Bubu , who's Bubu ? adk angkt Danny . die comel je , but hxc gile . HAHA . ym and ym , tibe2 ktorg terbukak story pasal Rebekah . Bubu mintak i num Rebekah , i bg jela . here it goes the txt yg Bubu send dkt Rebekah ;

hell-o sayang , whats ur prob ? and ur babes pny prob ? Rebekah , u dont have pride dont cha ? disturbing Danny and Ell Johan line ?come on , dont be sluts , are u a girl tht freaking love to give ur pussy to any guy ? dont be a whore , im a bitch so means , dont crossed out the line . i can get u easily just like tht , watch ur facking ass . chow

FUH FUH , pns telinge i dgr . HAHA , btw thanks Bubu for the words . youre great syg :) after this die kacau lg , kite buat lg tao ? HAHA .

xoxo , Ell Johan
mood ; bitchy

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