February 26, 2010

daydreaming ,

hell hello peeps , good evening (; HEEYARH , im just wake up frm my wonderful day sleeping . PHEW , wonderful ke ? dah lah pns gile , FUH FUH . i tertido pukul1700 td until now i baru bgn . and hell yeah , i dpt mimpi td . ya , daydreaming . i think this few days i always got dreams , bad dreams neither good dreams i think . ERGH , wht those meaning all about ? some of my friends said , mimpi ni mainan tido . but , knp baru2 ni je i selalu mimpi ? knp tak dr sebelum ni ? i pn mcm err , tak fhm . itsok lah , even bfore2 ni i mimpi yg ok2 je . but today , i think theres a meaning in my dreams . idk wht is all about , but im trying to understang those thing .

ok let me story first , i tido around 1700 . mmg pns gile lah even cuace mcm mendung , yg pelik tak hujan2 . DUH , tak fhm lah . i mmg penat lah , sbb bru lepas kms rumah . masuk bilik , txt dgn Danny then tertido . tgh sdp tido , tibe2 i dpt mimpi .

tht dreams started , i nmpk theres a girl standing by the river . throwing all sorts of stone in the river , i think she's waiting for someone . ya , she's waiting for her bf . a few minutes later , there's a boy standing besides her . they talk and talk , then tht boy just walk away . but not single person , he walk away with another girl who standing behind the tree near the river . and his gf just saw tht boy walk away wif tht girl , she's started to cry . but tht boy never looking back or turn around and get his gf bck . he's just walk and walk with tht girl . his gf started to run away , she run until at the end of the river and started to run towards through the street full of cars and motocycle . she run and run , until she's been hit by a car . idk who's the driver of tht car , but a boy come out frm tht car . ya , i knew him . tht boy was just hit his own gf . he could not believe wht had happened , and the girl whose walk away with him started to cry and asking for apologise to the girl tht have been hit . tht girl body was full of blood , and i can see blood came out frm her mouth . that boy also started to cry and he cant face the truth .

DUH , i tersedar . i mcm err , whts tht all about ? if mama tak kejut kan td , mmg sure tht dreams akn bersambung2 . FUH FUH , i mcm speechless bile ckp psl mimpi i td ouw . even sebelum ni , i mimpi for sure i ade dlm mimpi tu . but td , i ni mcm penonton yg tgh tgk movie . movie tu mimpi i lah , tp mimpi tu mcm ade kene mengene dgn i ouw . ok ok , tht girl yg kene lnggr tu i . and tht boy for sure Danny kan , but who's another girl tu ? still questioning my mind . tp i dah dpt meaning sikit2 frm tht dreams , i dgn Danny tgh coup kn then theres another girl dtg bwk Danny pg dr i . ya , i kan takot org amik Danny dr i . myb tu kot mksd mimpi i td , but err i cant accept tht dreams ouw . HAHA , yela if betul2 i yg mati dlm mimpi tu . mati pn sbb kene lnggr dgn Danny , WTF ? mane bole , HAHA .

xoxo , Ell Johan
mood ; unlucky dreams

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