February 12, 2010

Danny Johan's old post ,

hell hello again :) btw good morning , im waiting for Danny's calling act . lambat sgt ERGHH , better i update blog kejap kan ? HAHA . i pg blog die , then bace old post sume . kinda intresting story lah kan , but i got something doe . i mcm na gelak , na munta pn ade bile bace post ni . ok , let us see :

Dayang Aishah Rebekah,what an awesome name right? And shes totally awsome,haha.I was ym'ing this girl and we're on webcam.Oh my God,she was so cute on her webcam,while we was ym'ing.She took her ukelele,i ask her 'is that an uke,you can play ukelele? Awesome.Just like Zee Avi' Haha,she said 'ya and im more awesome than you'.Then she was like singing,i ask her 'are you singing for me?' she answered me yeahh. She make a voice call on ym and said that she was ready to sang me the song,but my speaker broke down so i can hear her voice.I told her that something wrong with my speaker,so sad i cant hear she sang for me.The best part is she said 'im going to call you' awww,that was so sweet.Then she took her house phone and call me.We're on the phone and watching each other on webcam,then she started playing her uke and singing.I was like,err. Wow,that was so awesome! Honestly Rebekah,you're so sweet and i like you.Thanks for sang me that song,you was so cute when you ask me 'are you single Danny?',then you like malu - malu and said no need to answer the question and the way you ask my phone number.Hahaha,your style was really cool.You said 'whats your number? Give me your number so we can go on our,you know' Hahaha,i like that part 'you know' Neh i dont know,haha. Hahaha,nampak sangat you nak ngorat i kan? Because before that we talked about making out in cenima and you said that im horny and naughty,no im not do0d.If you have a free time,lets go on a date.Hahaha! We can go for movies and i can help you on your homeworks,we can do maths together.Ok enough,thats it for today.I'll continue my stories later ok? Im going to sleep now,good night,sweet dreams and bye bye.

GREAT kann ? HAHA , frm this post pun kite da tao yg perempuan toh mcm mane . EUWW , murahhhh . sorry to say , but its a fact !

xoxo , Ell Johan
mood ; rebekahhhh cheapp , LOSER !

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