February 11, 2010

back off ,

hell hello again :) skrg ni rmi sgt ek org yg suke buat i sakit hati , mate and telinge . da tade keje lain ke , DUH . ok ok , let me story bout this girl . act , Danny pernah try to sweet talk with this girl . ok , fine close tht old lame story . mase toh mmg Danny agk flirty lah , lg pn Danny mmg mcm toh kan ? i je yg fhm die mcm mane , so dont judge book by its cover :)

ok back to the topic , act time Danny na sweet talk dgn minah ni i tgh gado dgn Danny . so , Danny pn ade post blog about this girl . HAHA , yeah this girl lah yg reti sgt main uke toh . WTF , i hate tht animal GRR ! dorg ade wc sume , ok i tao the whole story . then wc n ym , tht girl mintak num Danny * EEUUW , no i/c or no ruma tana ? .

Danny dgn bodoh nye pn bg lah , mamat toh pn agk gatal . miang miang , GRR ! then minah toh cl Danny lancau sume , sekali i dpt tao sbb minah ni cmnt lain mcm je dkt Danny . well , i kan stalker so i tao lah everything . after relationship i dgn Danny da ok , i tny Danny about tht minah . Danny story everything from a-z . ok , fine i knew it !

tgh ktorg bahagia , tibe2 die cmnt2 Danny mcm touching . i tgk cmnt die sume mcm agk geli lah kan , da lah na touching dkt bf i . pg lah touching dkt bf@scandal@husband@sugardady sndri . time otp dgn Danny je , theres must be a story bout this minah . i na syok je dgr , yela kelakar kott even geram kan ? korg tao jela i ni da bjangkit dgn Danny , penyakit paranoid . i korek2 rhsia , mcm2 i tao .

smpi lah a day bfore Danny na pg Muar , i terbace lg cmnt2 die . tht minah talk about me blablabla . mcm ta puas hati lah why Danny da ade gf * WTF kau yg SS , then ta puas hati pulak . apehal ? then die ckp lah Danny ni dulu try na flirt die but then bla mcm toh je , tao2 da ade gf . HAHA , sgt bodo ini minah . da lah ta reti ckp melayu * wei , mak kau mkn smbl belacan lah .

smpi skrg , i tao die still txt and cl Danny * wei pompuan , kau tao ta Danny Johan laki aku ? ops , sorry i tatao u ta fhm ckp melayu . Danny Johan is my husband ! i mcm ta boleh than lah kan , da lah i add die dkt ms die ta app . penakutttt -______- i dgn miaa asyik bhn2 die ouw , HUAHUA .

then arytoh , Danny dtg Muar . i amek num minah saleh celup ni then save dlm hp i . so just wait and see wht im goin to do , WINK WINK :)

dear rebekah my honey bunny shit ,
ok let me tell u something really2 important i guess . i wanna u to knw , tht Danny Johan is officially my husband . can u stop cll n txt him ? you're disturbing our life , our privacy . ok lah , let me give an example . can u imagine , im disturbing ur bf just like u disturbing my bf . how do you feel ? i knw , you're just a small kid who doesn't knw everything . but pls respect the others , im talking to you in nice way so pls behave in nice attitude too . you'll need more and more time to learn about love , but dont ever disturb Ellynda Johan's relationship or the other . if u respect my privacy or i meant my life i will do the same thing to you . but if you makes shit in my life , i will do doubtrip shit in ur life . be aware ok ? btw , i've ur num . if this matter still not solved by this solution , i will do the next thing . get it ? ok ok have a nice shitty day , byebye kiddo :)

she ain't no cute , AWW

xoxo , Ell Johan

mood ; disguisting


  1. sgt bodooo itoo awex!! ta laku kot, thats why die na bf youu..:) you know what? im stalker too..haha.. but, smooth stalker..

  2. kehkehkeh, sbr ajaa ok syg. mnggatal kot dia tu

  3. haha , thanks babes :) popmpuan toh mmg agk cheap kott , idk why die na sgt dekat danny .



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