February 18, 2010

again and again ,

hell hello people , how are you guys ? HEE , im fine today . totally fine today , ya semalam i fight with Danny again and again . HAIH , pasal myspace je ouw . ya i meant social network , but ktorg ade promise yg ktorg tak kan gado pasal social network . but semalam once again ktorg gado pasal social network -________-

its started when , Ayep cmnt i ' comolot jum , terharu ' . Ayep pn bodo , pg cmnt mcm toh dgn i . HAIH , i terus ta rep . for sure i tao Danny mrh kan . lg pn smlm , mcm2 org i cmnt . dgn internet slow lg , ERGHH -___- i pn cmnt2 dgn Danny , die ckp na kuar pg main skate pagi ni . tp i ta bg , yela , mama pn ta bg die main skate . so dgn harapan lah die na main skate kan ?

dekat pukul 0100 , die ckp die na cl i . ok ok , best kott dpt otp . but bfore die off9 , die cmnt i ' whatever , do mind ur words when cmnnting ppl . im out , text me when youre done ' . i was just like err , knp ek ? yela , tibe2 . mmg i da syak lah pasal cmnt Ayep toh , i terus off9 .

i na off lappy , die cl . sore mcm tade mood je kan , yela i tao die tgh bengang dgn i . ya , i tao bkn slh i . tp Ayep cmnt mcm toh dkt cmnt board i , so i mintak maaf jela dgn Danny . die mcm err , susa na maaf kan ape sume . die siap ckp ' buat lah lg , lg sng keje ' . ohheemmgee , i fhm mksd die . err , time toh i da start nges . takot kott , dgn sore die mcm tade mood silap2 mmg i kne maki smlm . i pn slowtalk dgn die , i mintak maaf bnyk kali ouw .

i da nges mcm ape ouw , last2 die ckp ' ok come , bby hug ' . AWW , die try pujuk i ouw . seriously , i mmg takot smlm . takot hlg die lg , yela for this week twice ouw i da bgado dgn die . silap2 , kalo ta settle smlm mmg ktorg da break lg . HAIH , thank God . but smlm , die ade mentioned suruh i delete myspace . i tatao na buat ape , bkn sbb myspace toh life or ape . if i delete myspace tp die ta delete same je kan ? nnt i tatao ape yg jd dkt die dlm myspace , err idk lah . im just praying for the best , i guess :)

xoxo , Ell Johan
mood ; down up down up

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