January 11, 2010

weirdos n freaky , HAHA

hey guys , wanna knw wht ? Danny Johan acting weirdly ths few days , haih . ok first thing , die mmg mcm toh . but kali nie he's totally different babes , pelik pelik ! start from tht day , idk wht day . but tht day i ade otp dgn die , around 3o'clockk in the morning i guess . yeahh , after die bgdo dgn bf lynn . i cl die then brainwash die pasal die bgdo toh . talk talk n talk , i mcm mamai ouw . yelaa , tht time patut i da tido . he keep talking , im in silence . but i still heard wht he's talking about . at one time , die amek barney then tekan perut barney . kan ade sound kan ? konon2 die benci barney blablabla , then die berbual dgn barney bout ben10 lah . haih , pelik lahh . i tergelak je , tp i control lagi . i tana bg die tao yg i belum tido , HEE . kelaka kan ? mmg comel sgt2 , i rase mcm dgr babay baru na bckp ouw . comel , GRR ! and today , something really weird happen . his cous , lynn txt me . he said ' DANNY KISS AKU DKT PIPI OUW PAGI TADI , THEN DIE YG BUAT BFAST ' OMG , wht had happen to my husband ? he never acting like this before , theres must be something . i bce txt lyn da gelak2 , dlm ati lagi lah gelak2 kan danny :D ptg toh , lynn txt me again . she said ' DANNY KISS AKU LAGI DOE , GRR ! AKU DA HORNY , DGN DIE PAKAI BOXER JE . DA LAH BDN SIXPACKS , CUME KEPENG JE . AKU TAKUT GAK , ADE YG DIE ROGOL AKU NI ' HAHA , once again i gelak gilerbabi . pelik2 doe husband i ni , haih . tadi i txt danny , i tny bout his weirdos acting . and for mostly bout tht kissing part , HAHA . he said , ' BBY KISS LYNN PAGI TDI CZ NMPK MUKE LYNN MCM *ANNATASHA ' HAHA , wtf ! giler bayang kott , ngee . bby bby , haih .

*ANNATASHA - a female singer sing thinking of you by caprice ft her :)

p/s ; bby , idk why u look soo weird ths few days . HAHA , but itsoke :) still comel kan kan ? muah , iloveyouu danny johan !

wif lots of lovee , ell johan

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