January 7, 2010

mycrazylittlemoron <3

Question for Danny Johan
p/s ; jwpn die sgt IKHLAS , iloveit man !

1. give one nickname for me

2. am i disturb your life ?
do0d,u're so stupid.of coz u're not bcoz u're my girlfriend

3. some advice for me
dont be fat n pls take a good care of yourself n our darina

4. hate and love me ? why ?u're loving person,i guess
daym,idk why are u asking me stupid question.i love u because ur my wife n u're darina emmelda's mother,i hate u because sometime u're fucking annoying!

5. where n when we've known each other ?
myspace,years ago.bodoh tu pon tk taw ke?

6.first words to describe me for the first time we've met ?
daym,is that my girlfriend? OMG,i wanna go home

7. one of my characteristic
u're loving person,i guess

8.wht is my good attitude ?

9.wht is my bad attitude ?
u always sleep without notice

10.a thing tht u wont never forget bout me ?
kissing in the tren while theres makcik watching

11. wht are the song tht u will remember me when hearing it ?
thinking of you by caprice ft annatasha,u knew it right? DAYM!

12.my name in your hp cntct book ?
ellynda johan <3

13. u wanted to say something to me , but till now u never say it . wht is tht ?

14.memory tht u wont never forget bout us ?
hahaha,we dated once

15.wht do you think bout ths relationship ?
i love it even sometime i think it sucks,hahaha

16.do you really care bout ours ?
yes i do bunny

17.do you think our relationship goin to be forever or halfway only ?
out of record,HAHA!

18. wht u gonna say if im standing infront of you right now ?
can we go to sleep now

19. do you think im really really in love wif youu ?
hahaha,ask yourself do0d

20. lastwords for me
do0d,lets go to sleep

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