January 13, 2010

im crying while im thinking of youu

baby , this is for youu :(

firstly i just wanted to say tht i really2 miss the old danny johan , danny johan yg first i coup 27th of dec 2009 . idk why im saying tht way , but i think tht danny johan was missing in his own world . own world ? yes i am . this few weeks , u've a lott of changes . tht i guess it was a positive changes , u have reduce ur smoking n blablabla . congrates for tht , but something make me weird n more weird bout ur self . idk hw im going to say , but u really weird me off . u look soo mysterious ths few days , kenape ek ? if bby ade probs just tell me out , kan kite penah ckp ' THERES NO MORE SECRET BETWEEN US ' i dpt rase kan u mcm ade probs , i guess soo . if bby mrh bunny pasal otp toh , bunny mntx mahaf ouw . mmg bunny slh , bunny pun guilty bout tht . for the whole day , im waiting for u to rep my txt . tp tade pun , itsok . i txt dgn lynn , she story bout u n ur weird attitude . she asked me to be patient , n i knw tht time bby mmg mrh lg dkt bunny . im waiting n waiting for ur txt , while i txt dgn tuffy n lynn . so bored , err -____- lastly i decided na off hp , wanna take some nap . i off hp , then terus tido . around 7 i on hp , tgk ade txt frm u ' BUNNY ? ' . i rep , tp tade respon . i terus txt lynn n she said ' DANNY ADE BWH KTIL , AKU TGH BARING ATS KATIL DIE NI ' . i tny kenape , she rep ' DANNY CKP TGH CRIK DIAMONDS ' hoh , weird ouw . kenape mcm ni bby ? wht had happen to my baby ? err . i asked lynn suruh bby rep txt bunny , then lynn rep ' DANNY SAID , HP AKU JATUH MINES WHILE IM DIGGING FOR DIAMONDS DOWN HERE ' . OMG , kenape ni ? kenape bby mcm ni ? wht had happen ? err -___- i mcm na nges ouw , idk why . suddenly lynn txt me again , she said ' DANNY SIMPAN HP DLM FRIDGE ' . again ? hmm . then lynn said , ' DANNY BNYK MKN UDANG , DIE ALLERGIC DGN UDANG ' . wtf ! kenape ni bby ? why are u acting like ths ? hmm . lynn txt again , she said ' HE'S WATCHING MICKEYMOUSE CLUBHOUSE ' . hmm , idk wht im goin to say anymore . i keep crying n crying , im thinking why u acting mcm ni . sbb i err ? im guilty , seriously ! bby , tlg lah jgn buat bende yg bole buat bunny worry . bby tade dpn mate bunny , bunny tadapat jage bby dkt2 . bunny dpt jge bby dri jauh , pls bby jgn buat bunny worry ;( bunny tatao mcm mane na buat if something happen to u , hmm . n lynn said , u smoke more than 4 ek arini ? why ? kan da janji dgn bunny , err -___- bunny tana bby ilang dlm idup bunny even for 1sec , pls bby .


wif lots of lovee , ell johan
mood ; speecheless plus crying moment

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