January 21, 2010

dying ,

im dying now , dont look for me ok ? thanks for everything guys , i really appreciate wht youre doing guys :) act i cant smile , this is fake smile . sorry again , sorry for everything . by next week im goin to stay at smv muar's hostel , im not using my hp anymore . just pray me for the best , ok ? thanks :)

p/s ; to HIM , im sorry again . i knw time cant change fate , but i want u to knw tht im still loving youu n seriously need youu . thanks for the support , darina emmelda n all the sweet talk .i really happy when im with youu , but i knw my fault bring us to this end . i failed to change youu danny johan , but i will not forget everything about youu . because youre the one n only all i wanted to live with .pray for my future , i will do the same thing . tc of ur shoulder , ur health n ur future gf . i really regret wht im just doing to you . dont forget to take ur bath everyday ok ? dont place ur hp in fridge too n seriously dont sleep in the toilet . thanks also for the vid , i really enjoyed it and lastly thanks for the last name ' Johan ' . im proud to be a part if ur fmilyy :) send my regards to lynn , mama , dady n adik ok ? im leaving now , tc danny johan . i will be missing youu , bye

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; death

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