January 9, 2010

Danny Johan , dont do this again baby ?

act tdi danny bgdo dgn bf lynn , lynn had told me everything . i thought danny ta ade pape , just lynn ckp bf die pecah kepale cz danny pukul . haih , how many times i've told you danny johan ? jgn bgdo . so stubborn kan ? GRR ! i thought danny tadepape , but tdi die bgtao i bibir n kening die luke o koyak kott . wtf , terok giler korg ni ! ehh pls lahh , be matured lah . kan bnde bole solve care elok , na bgdo kenape ? da hebat sgt ke ? and danny , i knw u wanna protct lynn . but think first lahh , ur shoulder . kan belum baik , kalau lagi worst ? sape na jwb ? erghhh ! pls lahh , i dkt sini wory pasal u tao ta ? da lah u tade dpn mate i , think b4 doin something . and this will be goin the first n the last chance from me . after this , no more sorry for youu . understands ? and for today , i really really hate u cz u make me crying ;(

babes , this is from Danny Johan ;

*i dnt mind
my heart said that i wont stop loving u
no mttr how much u hate me
more hates creat more love
keep on hating me

p/s ; pls think of me n Darina b4 u do something ok ?



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