December 1, 2009

in sadness :(

heyy peeps . for the whole day smlm i ta on9 n even updating my blog , im not in gud mood yesterday . but today is more more better than yesterday , i guess . why ? cz someone had cheer me up . who ? danny johan . he's my best guy , i hope soo . he was just left by his beloved gf tht he called barney too . act , i da lme ta cntct dea . then suddenly arytoh , he ym-ing me . he asked me to add his new mys , n he also told me tht he used his old num . thanks danny :) yeahh , bck to the topic . why i badmood ? ermm , idk either . act , i hangout smlm wif ayien n his bf . auwud , matt , mirul , adii n eddy pon ade . it was soo fun , i've enjoy my time wif u guys . after goin bck frm hangout , i un my num . then theres a few txt in inbox . i read one by one . suddenly , got one txt yg realy make me shocked up . its from aunty rose , my bff mom . she told me ' AIN DA TADE , PAS ASAR TDY MENINGGAL ' . oh my goodness , betol ker ? i teros cl aunty . she was still crying , i cant stop my tears frm falling down too . if they still kat muar , i akn teros pegi melawat . but then nw neh dorg sume da move penang . its too far for me :( ain death just because she've been raped by her uncle then her uncle tikam for several tyme . tyme toh , her fmily was on fmily vacation . im scared while aunty told me everything . yeahh , i've lost my bff . i just can pray for her .


wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; sad sad sad ;(

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