December 16, 2009

danny johan :)

hey hey , na share something . about wht ? oke , let me story something intresting bout HIM . guess who ? DANNY JOHAN :) duhh , he's my best guy ever ! swear tao ? he's soo special , manje dea gdix dea . haha , kdg kdg lyn dea mcm lyn baby ohh . chumel jeh , ngee ;) intresting part bout danny johan ehh ? he's special lahh , tatao na ckp mcm mane ;p he's my partner when im sad , crush , happy , n sleep myb ;D bahu dea ptah , dea xcdent . im pity for him , da lahh dea myb kene pegi plkn around mac . mcm mane lah nty kan ? =.= act dlm bln4 kott i ade txt dgn dea , agk close lah time toh . but after dea da ade gf , i lost contct dgn dea . mls na gngu his relationship kan ? ngee . tht day , dea ym i . he asked me to add his new mys , i pon add lah . i tny bout his gf , dea ckp da break . OMG , hw come bole break cz dorg sweet giler ! i pun mls na tny why dorg break . then dea ckp dea gune num dea yg dlu , i pun mntx dea num toh cz i da delete . after tht ktorg txt , i ask him everything . haha , kelaka :D we're much closer than before , pape i cite dekat dea . he's like my GUY ohh , n i treat him just the way he is . mcm baby ! n the most thing i ingt smpi skrg , GRR ! trademark dea , haha .

ily lah dude ;)

wif lots of lovee , ell

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