December 29, 2009

azlan b arshad , ty for evrything

dear lanKECIK BEVIAN ,
im soo sorry for everything tht i've done to youu . im not blaming you in this matter , but just let the past be the past . i knw u cant forget me , either me . but im trying hard to build my new life n i hope u to do soo . sis had told me everything , n im understand nw . its our fault , not me or youu . pls do not blaming yourself in ths matter baby , i knw u're strong enuf to harungi ths cbrn . my tears keep falling down ,i cant stop it . for me , 2months2weeks2days meant a lott in my life . im hving soo much fun when im wif u , all those hugs n kisses tht i would never forget . ingt ta mse kite tgk movie toh ? even tgk movie british , i still can laugh n smile cz u're by my side . im heartless nw , totally . im accepting all ur apologise , we're still frens kan ? but betul ke sis ckp yg u tana i cntct u for ths few weeks ? why ? i dun want u to do stupid things , pls lahh . i knw u better man . lastly , i wanna say im goin to miss youu azlan b arshad . tc byee :(

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; raining ;(

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