December 30, 2009

new year new year !

new year just a few hour to go , yay ! goodbye 2009 , welcome 2010 :) 2010 ? wtf . my doubletrouble year ouw , ofcoz lahh . u knw wht , 2010 goin to make my life more n more worst than ever ! spm lah wei , duh . hate tht thng doe , grr . babi babi babi , apasal kena amek spm ? tapya amek ta bole ke ? grr . ohh god , 8 subjects only tp terseksa for the whole year ! no more hangout , no more myspacing/ym-ing/fb . erghhh ! hp ? oh shit , tade sape bole amek hp i ni . hp is my everything , tade hp susa lah bodo ! i cant imagine wht im goin to look likes in the year of 2010 , mesti sakai . haha , ta terr urus doe ! azam azam azam , ape ek ? hmm , let me list it :)
  • make my life more n more full of joyful n happiness wif Danny Johan
  • wish me luck in stupid damn asshole spm
  • im counting my age to turn 18
  • never goin to change my heart frm loving my baby Danny Johan
  • i want baby girl lah !
wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; Danny Johan

December 29, 2009

azlan b arshad , ty for evrything

dear lanKECIK BEVIAN ,
im soo sorry for everything tht i've done to youu . im not blaming you in this matter , but just let the past be the past . i knw u cant forget me , either me . but im trying hard to build my new life n i hope u to do soo . sis had told me everything , n im understand nw . its our fault , not me or youu . pls do not blaming yourself in ths matter baby , i knw u're strong enuf to harungi ths cbrn . my tears keep falling down ,i cant stop it . for me , 2months2weeks2days meant a lott in my life . im hving soo much fun when im wif u , all those hugs n kisses tht i would never forget . ingt ta mse kite tgk movie toh ? even tgk movie british , i still can laugh n smile cz u're by my side . im heartless nw , totally . im accepting all ur apologise , we're still frens kan ? but betul ke sis ckp yg u tana i cntct u for ths few weeks ? why ? i dun want u to do stupid things , pls lahh . i knw u better man . lastly , i wanna say im goin to miss youu azlan b arshad . tc byee :(

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; raining ;(

27th of december 2009

ellynda johan ; do you really love me ? seriously !
danny johan ; i do love you with all of my heart
ellynda johan ; do you want to be with me ?
danny johan ; yes i do

DANNY JOHAN is totally mine , seriously !

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; in lovee


long time no see babes , haha . kinda bored na update blog everyday , gahh . ok bck to topic , yeap i pg rtw9 . mcm gampang tao ? dgn hujan lg , duh ! chaos gilerbabi . abg i anta dkt pwtc , then pg dgn aiman n adk i . kat sane mmg sure sure lah rmi org , dgn hujan lg . da smpi i cl matt , tny dorg dkt mne . dorg da beratur bli tcket , awl kott smpi ;D da bli tcket sume , msuk lah . pg mainstage , na tgk bleedingmascara . bru na start ujan lebat gilebabi , grr . ade yg redah je , mmg i bole redah . tp bju dlm kete matt bhai , haha . n pling sad time thetimes , i melompat2 mcm ape . i tggl je aiman dkt blkg , haha . soryy dude ! smpi bleedingmascara na perform , i try ckp dgn aiman . die ta bckp dgn i kott , sentap doe ! i ajk die lepak dkt chill out stage , bru die oke . haha , kelaka lah kau ni aiman ! ktorg just ta tgk bunkface je , fuck man tht bnd ! ktorg keluar around 12o'clock kott . cl abg , then anta aiman balik andalas n ktorg pun teros balik ruma .

CONCLUSION ; RTW9 ta best lngsg !

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood; down !

December 17, 2009

maria ozzawa

ain't cute rites ?
i want to be just lyke herr !
what do you think ?

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; pornstar , ohh yeahh !

December 16, 2009

danny johan :)

hey hey , na share something . about wht ? oke , let me story something intresting bout HIM . guess who ? DANNY JOHAN :) duhh , he's my best guy ever ! swear tao ? he's soo special , manje dea gdix dea . haha , kdg kdg lyn dea mcm lyn baby ohh . chumel jeh , ngee ;) intresting part bout danny johan ehh ? he's special lahh , tatao na ckp mcm mane ;p he's my partner when im sad , crush , happy , n sleep myb ;D bahu dea ptah , dea xcdent . im pity for him , da lahh dea myb kene pegi plkn around mac . mcm mane lah nty kan ? =.= act dlm bln4 kott i ade txt dgn dea , agk close lah time toh . but after dea da ade gf , i lost contct dgn dea . mls na gngu his relationship kan ? ngee . tht day , dea ym i . he asked me to add his new mys , i pon add lah . i tny bout his gf , dea ckp da break . OMG , hw come bole break cz dorg sweet giler ! i pun mls na tny why dorg break . then dea ckp dea gune num dea yg dlu , i pun mntx dea num toh cz i da delete . after tht ktorg txt , i ask him everything . haha , kelaka :D we're much closer than before , pape i cite dekat dea . he's like my GUY ohh , n i treat him just the way he is . mcm baby ! n the most thing i ingt smpi skrg , GRR ! trademark dea , haha .

ily lah dude ;)

wif lots of lovee , ell

memory tht last forever

heyy peeps , da jrg kan i na update blog ? bkn tana update , cme mls na ngadap my rere nehh . duhh , boredd tao ? ok ok , nw i story . kan arytoh i amek hp dkt HEM , dlm hp toh bnyk gilerbabi photo boy . SAPE ? exbf i yg mcm hanjengg tohh , tp dlu syg dea glerbabi . haha , papejelahh ;p dpt jeh hp , terus tgok inbox . bnyk jgak txt i dgn dea , agaga ;D then terus tgok photo album . WHOA ! bnyk nye photo boy , tgok n tgok . rindu pulak dekat dea , iskk ! da da , citer dlu . na tgok ade photo ape ? ok i share dgn korg :)

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; boy fukimakk ily , haha

December 13, 2009

14th of december 2009


wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; flower flower , bhaha

December 11, 2009

man u vs chelsea

i choose man u as my fav team !
chelsea ? LOSER lah , fcukin asshole

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; bola bola , haha

December 4, 2009

imy azlan

azlan , kaw ta ryndu aku keh ?
aku ryndu kaw lahh
rynduu sgt sgt
da lah aku kat muar kaw kat cheras
kalo aku kat ampang mmg skrg jgak aku pegi jpe kaw
aku tatao lah npe aku ryndu sgt sgt kat kaw
if kaw ta txt o cl aku
aku rse mcm empty sgt
npe ehh ?
aku syg kaw bhai !

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; ryndu deaa :(


beby , hun fever lah :(

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; fever + miss mybabysepet

December 1, 2009

in sadness :(

heyy peeps . for the whole day smlm i ta on9 n even updating my blog , im not in gud mood yesterday . but today is more more better than yesterday , i guess . why ? cz someone had cheer me up . who ? danny johan . he's my best guy , i hope soo . he was just left by his beloved gf tht he called barney too . act , i da lme ta cntct dea . then suddenly arytoh , he ym-ing me . he asked me to add his new mys , n he also told me tht he used his old num . thanks danny :) yeahh , bck to the topic . why i badmood ? ermm , idk either . act , i hangout smlm wif ayien n his bf . auwud , matt , mirul , adii n eddy pon ade . it was soo fun , i've enjoy my time wif u guys . after goin bck frm hangout , i un my num . then theres a few txt in inbox . i read one by one . suddenly , got one txt yg realy make me shocked up . its from aunty rose , my bff mom . she told me ' AIN DA TADE , PAS ASAR TDY MENINGGAL ' . oh my goodness , betol ker ? i teros cl aunty . she was still crying , i cant stop my tears frm falling down too . if they still kat muar , i akn teros pegi melawat . but then nw neh dorg sume da move penang . its too far for me :( ain death just because she've been raped by her uncle then her uncle tikam for several tyme . tyme toh , her fmily was on fmily vacation . im scared while aunty told me everything . yeahh , i've lost my bff . i just can pray for her .


wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; sad sad sad ;(