November 19, 2009

HAPPY , <3 petpet

heyy . myb all thngs bck to normal but i stil wory bout his feeling , whatever aa . he told me everythng n nw neh he asked me to be more positive n more more matured * yelaa i en ta matured lngsung ! tdy tdy en i ta tdo , ym ngn dea . bes nye dpt nganjing dea bout gf n scndal toh * pdn muke kaw duh ! puas aty aku , hahah . syg kaw beby :p ktorg ym smpi pg taokk ? penat neh , hee :) but oke aa cz dpt spending tyme ngn dea even dlm ym . neh ade doodle tyme ktorg maen ym , lawak ohh :D

mood ; rainbow , ngee

wif lots of lovee , ell

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