November 5, 2009

camping , public speaking n get bck my hp from HEM :)

heyy , nex week mgu last schl ohh . cm ta cye je en ? hmm . npe da na hols ? soo i kne tgal en sume memory i ngn ajis er for dz year kt schl neyhh ? ? i na amek memory tohsume but then cm ta larat na bwk cz bnyk sgt even ktorg coup for 3months . nexweek last i dpt tgk muke dy kt schl , then dy bkn ag bdk schl after tht . uwarghhhhh ;( pasneyh msty ryndu en kt dorg sume ? bella nora liul miera zyla chah . dorg pasneyh na blek kg tros , hmm . i da tade tmpt na storystory :( btw nex week ktorg ade cmping , tp tatao ktner . ckgu ckp kt pdg lalang , ktne toh ? idk ohh -.- cmping toh for 2daze n 1nite jer , cm ta cmping jer cz jap sgt ! huh . then 10nov ade public speaking , i ad takepart . i myb bwk tjuk ' TEENAGERS , DRUGS N PEER PRESSURE ' susa ohh tjok neyhh , cz i pon amek E sume . huisshh ! and the most happiest thing is , im goin to get bck my lovely hp frm HEM in nex friday . yay , beshh doe ! dlm toh bnyk photo ajis , beshh nyee :) thnx HEM cz na return bck my hp toh . lame nyee na dpt hp toh blekk , terseksa i tgu ! thnxthnxthnx and a lott of thnx laa :)

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