November 18, 2009

bad bad bad , hmm

heyy . these few daze i rse cm bad glervavi , even da jpe sepet sume but then ade jeh bnde yg wt i wory . hmm :( im feel lyke dying nw nehh , help me . smlm da jpe dea , oke cket pasaan neh but then tdy i trbce smthing yg really makes me shocked up ! i tkjot sgt . every step yg i amek cm na tnjuk i the true story behind my relationship wif sepet , idk hw im goin to describe it . im crying while im writing this blog :( i reallyreally syg him ohh , but he still pkir i syg myexbf ag . hw am i goin to told him the truth ? but btol er ape yg i bce tdy bout he still syg his exgf ? btol er ? pls say NO . i need him ohh , even i neh jerk gler . im soryy :( i da pcye kt dea 98% ohh , if dea leave me out for sure im nt goin to find somebody else . yeahh i really need him , he's my everything . if dea still na leave me , pls gtao i nw . i na ready cz im not goin to cry when u leave me . i really love him , his eyes . if dea leave me out , hw come ? i ta bole na byang en . god , help me in this situation ! i noe i ta bole pkse dea stay ngn i . if dea da syg ag ngn his xgf , i just could let him go :( but im begging u , jgn aa tgal en i . i need you i need youu !

sepet ...
ell tao ell ta sehevat ur xgf , hmm
but ell syg u more than everything
ell da bole lupe bout myexbf toh
btol er ell neh gf sementara sepet jeh ?
pls say no !
if btol , npe sepet wt cmneh ohh ?
npe na wt ell cmnehh ?
if ell ta bce pasl neh tdy , smpi maty pon ell tatao en ?
ell tao the truth story
pls think rationally
i still need youu ohh :(

mood ; raining while im writing this blog ;(

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