November 30, 2009

three words from me to youu :)

azlan , i love you
our love gettin stronger kan kan ?
thanks for everything baby :)
i dont want to loose u lahh sepet
you're my everything oke ?
you're my pepek my tetek , yeahh everything
there's nothing can replace u in my heart
i just want azlan azlan n azlan only !
until today our relationship had been for 1month2weeks1day
i hope our relationship will be forever n ever n ever
thanks again , i do appreciate you syg !
ilyimyiny azlan

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; in love love love !

Two Is Better Than One

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life
And I thought hey
You know this could be something
'Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing

'Cause maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two, is better than one

I remember every look upon your face,
The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everythings okay
And finally now, we're leaving

And maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two, is better than one

Yeah, yeah

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life
And I thought hey

Maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking

Oooh I can't live without you
'Cause baby two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And I've figured out with all that's said and done
Two, is better than one

Two is better than one

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; azlan :)

d a m n . . .





wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; idk =.='

November 29, 2009

remember already !

meet hayden christensen . love love love him ! why ? mate dea toh , nmpk ta ? mate dea lawe en en ? OMG , im melting babes tgok mate dea ! would u be my husband hayden ? * gler gler ! but swear mmg dea hotstuff ! i love love love he's acting wif jessica alba , muvie ape eh ? lpe duh ! later i bgtao , haha . then then dea ade acting ag dlm muvie jumper , menarek muvie toh cz ade hayden ! then then , dea jgak model untuk perfume lacoste . alaa , yg buaye toh . haha . lacoste ? perfume ajis lah ! huk ;p


wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; excited

flu flu flu :(

heyy peeps . im not goin out today , flu terok tao ta ? grr ! sbr jela . mama suro kemas bilik , tao jela bilik i cmneh en ? kalah bilik guys , haha . kemas n kemas , flu mkin worst . cz i allergic wif dust . na ngadu kt mama kunk nty dea ckp ' sape suro ta pki mask ' hurr , da tao da dea na ckp ape . soo i wt bdo jela . bnyk kli i sneeze , haha . idung pon da merah , cm clown kt circus ! i guess more than 50x i sneeze , mama da mule bersuara ' kaw pegi mkn ubt nw ! ' aduhh , kne mara loa . sia sia jeh -.-' i pon dgn muke ta bersala pegi dpur then mkn ubt . da mkn ubt i mls na g dpn , nty kne bebel free ag ngn mama . soo i stay dlm bilik bkak radio kuat kuat , haha . i bru pasan hp papa ade dlm bilik tgh charge , soo i pon dgn sepantas kilat tros tkar sim n msok kn sim i . 25 msg , OMG ! haha , sape sape jeh ntah yg msg i . danny lah wen lah abg iorie lah ayien lah . msg sepet ? tade , hmm . mner dea pegi ? bia lah dea , dea bz toh * sdp en aty =.=' rep rep msg dorg , jpg i trtdo . haha , effect ubt flu toh lah . toh yg i mls na mkn ubt , nty ngntok . i tgok hp , wow ade 7msg . cpt cpt i rep , haha . gelabah duh ! yelah , da bpe ary ta pgg hp en ? cm jakun cket , hehe . tgok jam , 15mins to 120'clock . i tros cpt cpt tuka sim balek , kunk kol12 sure papa na tdo . * soryy guys , tdpt txt ngn korg lame lame :) . ehh , na tao ta ? flu i da mkin oke kot after i mkn ubt toh . haha . tptp kne mara dlu lah bru na g mkn ubt , isk ell ell . ape na jdik . jdik org lah ;p

wif lots of lovee , ell
mood ; imy sepet :(

November 28, 2009

attention sygs !

fyi , i've no hp to use on
i stil didn't take mysonyshake at schl
i'll take it a.s.a.p
but for the temporary time
i won't activate my num
if i activate my num , i'll inform u guys !

* im soryy , but i've too :(

wif lots of lovee , ellynda suriya kenchana

happy happy happy !

heyy , tdy ktorg hangout as usual . tatao na wtpeh ag , so kua uma n hve fun wif my beloved frens . mulemule , dorg ta bg i kua . sape ? fmily laa , cm pukimak ! so i decide tgok muvie jeh at home , but around 3 o'clock matt cl . ' kaw na kua ta ? ' i cptcpt jwb ' ofcoz laa , cpt lah amek ' . less than 10mins dea smpi , as usual dea ngn auwud . adik i dea da kua dlu cz na jpe ' shaza ' dea , blind date duh ! haha . smpi jeh wp , pusingpusing jap nmpk nad . dea ngn sape eh ? ade laki sorg popan sorg . i pon pegi kat nad , tego dea . ohh rupe nye dea teman tiera n kamal . tiera ? wtf ! jpg auwud bole plak na lepax ngn tiera , i na jeh sound . da lah tao i ta suke tiera toh , bole pulak na lepax ngn dea , grr ! i sbr jeh , dorg pegi sini i pegi sane . mls na follow dorg , i bkn jeles tp tiera toh musuh i . musuh dlm selimut ! hate her enuf , hurr . matt pasan i berubah , i jz ckp i bored . mls na ckp lebehlebeh , nty ckp i ntahpape . matt ajx i bgambr kt christmas tree , i ckp mls n i ajx dorg bla g tg cz adik i n mirul ade kt tg . i salam nad then tros bla . tiera pasan ? *ohh soryy babes , tapasan kaw lah . nextyme jeh i salam u :) msok dlm kete , tenang cket jiwe neh ! smpi jeh tg , nmpk muke mirul eddy n elip . da mcm sampah stay kt tg , haha . jln pnye jln , sesi photography pon bmule ! all kind of pose klua , haha . na tgok ? oke , here u goo !

November 26, 2009

my scream king <3

yay , meet oliver sykes . oli sykes for short , haha . i loved him a lott , even kt bdn dea pnuh tat . isn't dat make him even cooler ? hee . yeahh he's cute enuf bhai !

oli sykes

i do love love love youu laa :)



heyy , da due ary kot ta update blog . hurmm , bkn mls na update but my beloved granddad passed away on 25th of november . meniggal cz buah pinggang yg ta leh gne ag , agpon he's 75y/o already . ktorg ptot goin bck frm kl to muar on thurs but granddad da passed away on wed so ptg wed toh ktorg btolak . althought i ta close ngn dea , but i feel lyke losing someone jgak dlm fmily . pling kcian my grandmom , yeahh nw neh she had to lived all her alone . idk hw to desc my feeling . quite sad , hmm :( granddad kebumi pgi thurs , soo the whole nyte mayat toh ade kt uma . rmi gak sedare yg dtg , yg ta pena i tgk pon ade . pg thurs toh pak hj ali tlg mndi kn jenazah , i tapena tgok . n tyme toh ktorg dpt tgk but i tkot soo ta tgk sgt . da lpas mndi , jenazah toh dkapan kn . i stay dsebalik curtain kt uma granddad , na tgok tp tkot gler . tatao aa npe . da siap kapan , tyme neh pling sad skali . ahli kluarge dberi last tyme untk tgok jenazah . yg pling sad grandmom , dea tgok jenazah granddad tros nges trduduk . ktorg dpt tenang kn dea , aftr tht sume waris jenazah dberi peluang untk kiss jenazah wt kli terakhir . mulemule ankank jenazah , after tht bru cucu n cicit . termasok i , tkot jgak tp i've too . pas kiss jeh i tros nges , tatao npe sad sgt . after sume da kiss , jenazah dkebumi kn kt kwnsn pkuburan bakri batu6 . i ikot smpi kubur , sgt sad cz aftr ths i've no more granddad . n the most sad thing is he passed away 2daze b4 eid . hmm :(


1934 - 2009


November 23, 2009


  1. Lan Kecik
  2. Czarayny Zaidi
  3. Ayien
  4. Auwud
  5. Wen
  6. Ell

a) how do you know 1?
- mys mys mys laa , but da blind date on 14th of nov 2009 . sweet taokk ?

b) what would you do if you never meet 2??
- na meet jgakk , tryhard smpi meet minah nehh !

c) What would you do if 3 n 4 dated u??
- yes , i would loved too !

Would 5 n 6 make a good couple??
- OMG ! cant say anything , ngee

e) What language does 2 speak??
- english laa bhai , she's gud enuf in englishh . kan kan ?

f) Who is 3 going out with??
- her lovely jerung laa , haha

g) How old is number 4??
-20 years old , old enuf !

h) 5??
- 24 years old , old enuf but still look lyke 17 years old boy

i) Who is 6's favourite singer??
- jason mraz , ofcoz !

j) would u consider being in a relationship with 1
- yes yes yes , im goin to married wif him A.S.A.P

k) Which school does 2 go to??
- smk damansara kott , lupe na tny . haha

l) What do you like about 3??
- her face just lyke liyana jasmay , swearr !

W H Y ?

heyy . wanna story something , hmm . petpet touching ngn i ohh , WHY ? idk either ! smlm i balek then tdo , kol6 on9 tgok he's still 0n9 . i pon tego dea , dea cm na ta na jeh rep cmnt i . hmm ;( i tny npe . dea ckp dea touching ngn i . idk npe dea touching , aduhh cmneh nehh ?

pepet , kaw touching ngn aku er ?
hmm , sbb ape eh ?
let me guess , kaw touching sbb aku kua smlm ?
aku da cl kaw bnyk kali en , tp kaw yg ta angkt
then kaw txt aku ckp kaw ta sehat
tak kn na forced kaw ag
nty kaw ckp aku neh ape plak
plss pet , jgn cmneh
ta beshh laa aku tade kwn na txt :(
i really need you taokk ?

wif lots of lovee , ellynda suriya kenchana

November 22, 2009

full of joy , thnx a lott guys !

heyy :) aryneh epy glervavi duhh , cz smlm kua ta ingt dunie ! haha . swear , mmg ta ingt dunie ;p wanna noe why ? haha . smlm i na kua awl dlm kol2 cmtoh cz na jpe abu telur ezwa sume , but then tade org na anta g jelatek . ag pulak duet tade cz uncle ta smpi ag from muar . soo i decided tgu jelaa , then da bored tgu g dpur . tgok ad makaroni , cm na msk jeh . mmg btol i na msk pon , hehe . cz kwn faris ade due org overnytes uma neh . pkir pnye pkir i pon grg aa makaroni grg . rencah maen cmpak jeh duh ape yg ade , haha . lawak gler vavi ! da siap , i try mkn dlu . mmg sdp *PERASAN :D . jpg faris trun , cm shocked pon ade tgok ade makaroni grg . dea mkn aa , jpg dea kate sdp glervavi *TERHARU jpg membe dea trun then mkn , tros abes stu bowl besa i grg . haha . dorg mkn i tgok tb smbil txt ngn along n abg iorie . along ckp boy ikot uncle balek ampang , kiwakk pnye bdk ! then txt ngn abg iorie , dea shocked bhai i ckp i kt BA . dea tros na meet , then i ckp mlm je aa cz ptg na kua ngn membe :) jpg dea top kn i , wahh beshh ! thnx abg :) dlm kol4 cmtoh , uncle n boy smpi . boy g toilet then uncle teros anta i ngn boy g jelatek . tade org bhai , ye aa tyme toh org na balek da . yg ktorg bru na kua , haha . kt jelatek i cl wen , tny dea ktneh . dea ckp kt sg wang , jpg bru lepak kitaro . i ckp aa i otw g bb . dea epy glergler , ye aa dea tapena jpe i ;p smpi bb , boy g 7e bli rkok . i cl ag wen , tny dea ktneh . dea ckp tgh lepak dpn kitaro , soo i ngn boy pon g aa meet wen kt dpn kitaro toh . dea mcm malumalu jeh , lawak ! tp mmg petite glervavi aa , swear ! lepaklepak , i cl ezwa . dorg ckp da balek . grr , geram jeh ! i dtg bb na jpe dorg tp dorg pulak da balek , nseb ad wen tman lepak . i cl lan , mmg sure ta angkt . tatao aa npe , jpg dea txt ckp dea ta kua . ta sehat , itsoke aa ! tghtgh lepak toh , ade rmi gler membe wen yg i knl . haha , lawak jeh . jpg dtg ag sorg tao kwn wen , boy ckp muke dea sbijik cm ajis . haha , mmg btol pon ohh ;p wen pon ckp cz i tnjuk photo ajis dlm purse toh . da lepak kt dpn kitaro toh , membe wen ajk lepak dpn maybank . stay aa situ , happening gler ! after 1/2 hour , membe wen na gerak da . sume salam i siap bgtao nme , na market aa toh ! haha . tp yg klon ajis neh ta bgun ag , after 10mins bru dea bgun then salam wen . dea na blah , jpg patah balek . dea ckp ' EZZUL ' , then i rep ' ELL ' . *MALUUU ! haha . dea blah , pastoh i bru tpkir yg i pon ade xbf nme ezzul . hehe , bia aa ;p dorg sume da gerak , tgl i boy n wen jeh . i ajk wen g pavi , sajeh pusingpusing . yg wen ta abesabes pngil i bulat , grr ! da smpi pavi , lepak jap then membe dea cl . membe ostel dea act , ckp ade kt dpn maybank . soo patah aa balek , hurr ! bualbual jap , then i ajk dorg mnum kt kitaro . jpe pulak membe wen yg same ostel ngn dea .ktorg setable aa , i wen boy dann bo bby n ade ag due org kwn bo . bualbual , then na bla neh . na tgu abg iorie kt dpn maybank cz dea na jpe n na bwk g mkn . bo n bby ajk lepak ruftop lot10 , ingt ade ape . dorg da smpi ats , dorg bole lambai lambai ktorg kt dpn maybank . toh yg ktorg pon naek ruftop lot10 , mmg besh glervavi ! nmpk scene bb ohh , hee :) da lepak kt situ , jpg bo n frens na blah g pavi cz na tgk midnytes . i wen ngn boy pon lepak dpn lot10 . less than 20mins , abg iorie txt ckp ade kt dpn starbuck bb . soo i pon bpisah ngn wen * SEDIHH :( . mule crik gak abg iorie , haha . tpasan dea dlm kete :) ktorg na tgok muvie , but then tcket tade . grr , sbr ell :) abg iorie bwk i ngn boy g lrg hj taib , cm lancau pondan kt situ .abg pon show jeh pusing smpi 4x , haha ! ktorg g lepak kt nz wangsa maju , mkn then shisha . after tht bru abg anta balek , nseb bwk kunci . haha :D overall , i mmg epy glerbabi tdy .first , dpt jpe wen for the first tyme n he quite glergler ! second , dpt kua ngn abg . thnx abg for the treat smlm , ngee . tp stu jeh ta besh , ta dpt kua ngn lan . hmm :(

wif lots of lovee , ell

November 21, 2009

baby , take a look at this :)

azlan b arshad

So baby don’t worry, you are my only,
You won’t be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
You’ll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down,

mood * ireallyloveyouu

wif lots of lovee , ell :)

<3 story

sepet n gemox

wif lots of lovee , ell

haa , SHIT !

arghh shit nye tday . da aa bored gler babi , grr ! let me story . act i ta follow dorg balek muar , so i ngn faris jeh stay kt uma neh . plan mulemule mmg na hangout en cz na jpe bdk teknik sume , then ptg na lepak ngn petpet tgok gig toh . hurr , sume plan ta jdik . nw i stay uma cm org bdo , ngadap pc then blogging . arghh ! i mmg na kua ohh , tp tade trans . mmg bole naek train , tp mslh nye na trun dri bkt antrebngse ke jelatek toh jao bhai . mao tcbot kki i ;p i keep calling petpet , ingt na suro dea amek . tp ta angat cz lum bgun ag . i takesa aa , then i txt bro ezy . ingt na suro dea anta sume but dea ckp dea tade kete jgak . cm na nges ohh , da aa aryneh bdkbdk neh kua . aduhh ! da ptg cket txt lan msok . dea tny na amek naek ape , grr ! ee , nseb ta ckp amek naek lori . kunk ckp laen jdik . dea kate dea kua pas mgrib , tp i na overnytes uma dea mlm neh . jpg dea ckp na cont sleep . ptg nty bru txt , grr okeoke * sbr ell :) klo petpet kua pas mgrib pon i bkn leh ikot cz dea tana amek i en , hmm . tp i na overnytes uma dea mlm neh , tkot aa na stay uma aunty neh . da aa bnyk uma kne msok , kunk ta pasal ngn i skali yg kne culik . hurr , seram ! hopehope dpt aa petpet amek i , pls petpet :( tkot n bored aa stay uma . like hell taokk ?
wif lots of lovee , ell


top 10 most favourite food
oreo doubstuff
cornetto mcflurry oreo
oreo cheese cake

10 things i love to do
playing game at fb
txt-ing wif petpet
berangan * yay
stalker ppl who i hated * haha
muvie muvie muvie

5 types of guys i adore
azlan b arshad
azlan b arshad
azlan b arshad
azlan b arshad
azlan b arshad

5 things i love to do when im emo
cry cry cry
txt-ing petpet
eat choc more n more

5 things i love to do when im happy
keep smiling n smiling
eating oreo n oreo
call petpet
laughing until crying * haha
snap photo

3 things i wish to be happen
straigth A's for my spm soon
married wif my petpet
oreo's factory owned by me

5 most addictive playlist
im yours by jason mraz
prettiest friends by jason mraz
down by jay sean ft lil wayne
bintang 14 hari by kangen band
kekasih yang ta di anggap by kertas band

wif lots of lovee , ell

November 20, 2009

OMG , pls say NO !

heyy help me duh . cmneh nehh , esk myb na balek mua r cz na raye aji en . shitt aa , bes plan i ngn petpet cmneh ? jgn kate kne cancel pulakk myb na balek mua . lemahh nyee , cmneh neh ? plan da serabot taokk ? hurr , sbr ell sbr ell . keep smiling :) here's plan for tmorrow .
  • na lepak bb cz ade gig tm toh en then mlm overnytes uma petpet
  • esk jgak na balek muar , after rye aji bru balek ampang
cner nehh ? plan ptame o kdue , grr ! faris ikot ta balek kg ehh ? klo dea ta ikot bole stay uma ngn dea , then plan ptame bjln ngn lancar . but if dea ikot o aunty suro i balek muar dlu cmneh ? plan ptame toh . . . hurr ! pls aa jdik plan ptame toh . tamao ta jdik , pity petpet nty . n myb i balek pas rye aji nty dea na g travel ngn membe dea pulak g pd . for sure , i ta ikot en ? grr ! cmneh nehhh , aduhh . stres nehh !
wif lots of love , ell

November 19, 2009

HAPPY , <3 petpet

heyy . myb all thngs bck to normal but i stil wory bout his feeling , whatever aa . he told me everythng n nw neh he asked me to be more positive n more more matured * yelaa i en ta matured lngsung ! tdy tdy en i ta tdo , ym ngn dea . bes nye dpt nganjing dea bout gf n scndal toh * pdn muke kaw duh ! puas aty aku , hahah . syg kaw beby :p ktorg ym smpi pg taokk ? penat neh , hee :) but oke aa cz dpt spending tyme ngn dea even dlm ym . neh ade doodle tyme ktorg maen ym , lawak ohh :D

mood ; rainbow , ngee

wif lots of lovee , ell

im fever :(

im sick of it ! why bnde neh slalu jdik kt i ? am i not gud enuf for him ? o sume laki mmg same jehh ? plss tell me :(

sepet says ; ntah la. i syg yg mne 1 yea huhu mayb 1st my ex. then 2nd my scandal. 3rd baru gf i. tp sayang lak nak tinggal kan gf i kesian dye nanti.

sis nyta says ; xyh pikir lh u .. make ur own choice .. mne yg u sygs , so u go on lh dgn tht girl. tht it .

sepet says ; xyah explain pon dye da taw kot. hek3. tp i kesian la. isk tak sampai hati. tuh baru 1 masalah. masalah satu agik pasal scandal i isk

sis nyta says ; tu lh .. u yg cr mslh kn . ish .. scndl tu pakai buang je . hahaha . jahat i .

sepet says ; memang la pakai buang. hek3. tp masalah skrang dye wat kaco. then i bleh pluk tersayang dye ngeeeeeeee.

sis nyta says ; adoiiyai pe lh u nie .. ehh jgn men perasaan org .. nnty u kne blek ssh
sepet says ; da biase kene la. hek3. now scandal i kene kan i alik siot btul la dye tuh. isk tuh yg bengang pon ader. sedeh pon ader. saket hati pon ader. nk lupe kan dye susah lak nak tinggal kan gf i susah lak

sis nyta says ; xkn u nk kawin dua . haha .. pilih elok2 lh u . hehe ..

sepet says ; nk pilih ex i tp camne nak tinggal kan gf i ? kesian dye.
sis nyta says ; u kne slow talk dgn gf u .. u ckp baek2 .. ayat manis sikit lh ..

sepet says ; haha u tlg la talk kan ngeeeeee dye dari jauh sanggup tuh jumpe i isk kejam btul la if i tinggal kan dye.

sis nyta says ; i bole je kalo u nk suruh i ckp kn .. but i twu perasaan ppuan .. first dye akn nangis ..

sepet says ; taw2.
dye mesti nages nye. tuh yg sedeh klu taw dye nages

sys nyta says ; biasa lh ppuan .. ehh mase i lpk dgn ewan kt kitaro .. u kn ad dgn ppuan .. dye ke gf u ..

sepet says ; yup2. baru je couple 1 month. duk muar dak tuh hahah

sis nyta says ; kalo u dh ckp mcm tu .. u pn sygs ex u kn .. so better u pegi kt ex u .

sepet says ; jangan la ckp camtuh. nanti klu dye bace comment i mesti dye sedeh hAHA dak tuh la i nak tinggalkan bukan malasah pandang rupe neyh pasal sayang i sayang ex i lah now ex i ngah tunggu i :D

sis nyta says ; kalo u dh ckp mcm tu .. u pn sygs ex u kn .. so better u pegi kt ex u ..

sepet says ; yea la. i nak pegi kat ex i la. tp ngah cari jalan camne nak tinggal kan gf i tuh ngeeeeee senang2 xyah couple la. tuh yg malas nak couple. huhu

sis nyta says ; i kn cikgu u . haha .. nnty u diam lk bile jumpe dye ... haha

sepet says ; yea la cikgu kang i try yea tuh pon klu jumpe dye la

* sory copy paste cmnt2 neh . but i've to :( thnx sepet !
mood ; raining again n again .

heyy . smlm i kua ? beshh er , hmm idk . beshh gak kot cz jpe sepet but dea dtg late cz ujan en , sokayy aa . as long as dea dtg :) n then smpi jeh teros tmn pyka darling n boy g bli tcket muvie , dorg na tgk cter papadom . tp i ta juin pon , mls aa . ta intrested kot na tgok cte toh . tgoktgok , tcket ade kol430pm , soo bli jeh aa . tyme toh bru kol130 , dats mean ade 2jam lebeh ag . hurr , lame nyee ! na wtpeh neh ? thnx god tjumpe anas . bualbual , then pyka darling n boy da msok muvie . da penat dduk , jln pulak . haishh , tatao mner arh tju aa . tyme toh bru kol5 . anas pon busan da tmn i cm org gler , tade arh tju . ingt en sepet dtg awl soo bole aa ajk dea lepak bb dlu , tp cl dea bnyk kli gak . dea ckp ujan , soo takesa aa . tgu jeh aa , na dtg dtg aa . tanak dtg tape , tamao pkse dea . lebey kurg kol530 cmtoh msok kdi bku , kunun na membace laa en . amek aa bku ' loves n kisses ' . quite menarek jgak cter tohh , bce pnye bce jpg boy txt tny kt mner . i pon trun aa tgu dorg kt 7e bwh toh . bualbual jap , dorg ckp lapa . i pon cl lan tny kt mner . dea ckp ujan ag pastoh i bebel bebel ckp na g mkn sume jpg dea ckp dea na gerak . i pnye epy mmg ta tr katee aa cz mmg ryndu dea bhaii , na wt cmner an :) tgu pnye tgu , atlast dea smpi gak . dgn crocs n sweater dea as usual . chumel jeh ! msingmsing sume lapa , na g mkn da neh jpg darling ckp duet tade da . so dea cl papa suro msok en duet dlm acc i . jpg na msok en duet taleh pulakk , card wt hal . haishh =.=' sbr jer aa ! atlast kne balek jgak aa cz tade duet na g mkn , aduhh ! bdo btol bdkbdk nehh , tade money planning btol . i sepet pyka darling n boy pon menapak g pavi cz papa darling na amek kt pavi . sepet cm epy jeh cz pas anta ktorg dea na lepak , uwarggghh ! beshh nyee , hmm . tape aa , bia aa dea lepaklepak . asek bkepit ngn i jeh , msty dea busan en ? tapetape , lepak puaspuas oke ? then bualbual , papa darling smpi . anta pyka balek then tros balek uma . i tros msok bilik , ingt na txt ngn sepet . tp sepet tade krdt soo tgl hrpan je aa . i pon tros bareng n selimot , tros zZzZzz . i tdo ngn ta tuka bju , i tdo pki bju hangout smlm . hahah . ntah aa , smlm i feel sad jeh . urmm , bia aa . its just my feeling ! btw , thnx sepet for the kisses even kt pipi jeh . iloveyouu duhh !

mood ; rainbow plus raining a bit
wif lots of lovee , ell :)

November 18, 2009

am i goin to be like this soon ?


You're everything I thought you never were
Ain't nothing like a thought could have been
Still, you live inside of me
So tell me how is that
You're the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I love to not forgive
And though you break my heart
You're the only one
And though there are times when I hate you
'Cause I can't erase
The times that you hurt me
And put tears on my face
And even now while I hate you
It pains me to say
I know I'll be there
At the end of the day
I don't wanna be without you babe
I don't want a broken heart
Don't wanna take a breath without you babe
I don't wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don't wanna love you
In no kind of way, no no
I don't want a broken heart
I don't wanna play the broken-hearted girl
No, no, no broken-hearted girl
Something that I feel I need to say
But until now I've always been afraid
That you would never come around
And still I wanna put this out
You say you got the most respect for me but
Sometimes I feel you're not deserved of me
And still you're in my heart
But you're the only one
And yes, there are times when I hate you
But I don't complain
'Cause I've been afraid that
You would walk away
Oh but now I don't hate you
I'm happy to say
That I will be there
At the end of the day
I don't wanna be without you babe
I don't want a broken heart
Don't wanna take a breath without you babe
I don't wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don't wanna love you
In no kind of way, no no
I don't want a broken heart
I don't wanna play the broken-hearted girl
No, no, no broken-hearted girl
Now I met a place I thought I'd never be, oh
I'm living in a world whereas all about you and me, yeah
And i won't be afraid, my broken heart as free
To spread my wings and fly away, away with you
I don't wanna be without my baby
I don't want a broken heart
Don't wanna take a breath without my babe
Don't wanna take a breath without my babe

wif lots of lovee , ell :(

my lesbo , ily babes !

hey hey , att peeps ! she's mylesbo oke ? the name wan shazreen bt mior haridi was taken by me , yes by me ! haha . no laa , she's my bestfrenstilldeath ohh . syg kaw duhh ! she already taken by her ' shark ' . en en ? atlast kaw jpe jgak ur prince charming yeahh . congrats hunn :) even kte ta owez hangout , but kte owez txt en ? hehe . tapetape , ak pham kaw duh . kaw bkn tana kua en , but ur beloved bpak toh ta bg kua . grr , kijam jeh ! hehe . aku syg chenta ryndu kaw aa , tao tao ? tamao lost cntct oke even kte da laen schl ? tamao nakalnakal , muahh ! n jgn lpe aku tao tao , kaw lpe aku nty aku shoot pale kaw . ily iny imy sygg :)
wif lots of lovee , ell ;)

bad bad bad , hmm

heyy . these few daze i rse cm bad glervavi , even da jpe sepet sume but then ade jeh bnde yg wt i wory . hmm :( im feel lyke dying nw nehh , help me . smlm da jpe dea , oke cket pasaan neh but then tdy i trbce smthing yg really makes me shocked up ! i tkjot sgt . every step yg i amek cm na tnjuk i the true story behind my relationship wif sepet , idk hw im goin to describe it . im crying while im writing this blog :( i reallyreally syg him ohh , but he still pkir i syg myexbf ag . hw am i goin to told him the truth ? but btol er ape yg i bce tdy bout he still syg his exgf ? btol er ? pls say NO . i need him ohh , even i neh jerk gler . im soryy :( i da pcye kt dea 98% ohh , if dea leave me out for sure im nt goin to find somebody else . yeahh i really need him , he's my everything . if dea still na leave me , pls gtao i nw . i na ready cz im not goin to cry when u leave me . i really love him , his eyes . if dea leave me out , hw come ? i ta bole na byang en . god , help me in this situation ! i noe i ta bole pkse dea stay ngn i . if dea da syg ag ngn his xgf , i just could let him go :( but im begging u , jgn aa tgal en i . i need you i need youu !

sepet ...
ell tao ell ta sehevat ur xgf , hmm
but ell syg u more than everything
ell da bole lupe bout myexbf toh
btol er ell neh gf sementara sepet jeh ?
pls say no !
if btol , npe sepet wt cmneh ohh ?
npe na wt ell cmnehh ?
if ell ta bce pasl neh tdy , smpi maty pon ell tatao en ?
ell tao the truth story
pls think rationally
i still need youu ohh :(

mood ; raining while im writing this blog ;(

STOP poseur me aa babes !

grr , geram jeh duh tgok bitch neh . ape i buat sume na ikot , WTF ! if i put her name , ofcoz korg knl pnye . soo tapaya aa oke ? she's stay at muar jgakk , dea ade group . ahaha , na tao ? let me gve u some hint * skinny . not black skinny neither coloured skinny oke ? skinny group dorg ber-prinnted . lawak duhh ! oke let me story bout this gurl yg poseur i glervavi . ingt ta knitcap yg i pki toh ? swearr , before i pki knitcap toh kt muar tade org laen pon pki except rastafarian . yg weird nye , pas i pki knitcap toh n then terserempak pulak ngn dea . de tros bli n pki knitcap cm i toh , grr ! nmpk sgt aa duhh , sial betol . then dlu i ade snap photo pki bju ajis without pants rytes ? dea pon buat jgak , hurr . vavi vavi vavi aa , sial ! fuck kaw bdo ! korg ta cye g tgok kt mys dea , ade ag photo toh . gth aa duh , org cm kaw neh tade kt dnie pon tape . idop asek na ikot org jeh !

November 16, 2009

bad monday , grr

  • pagipagi ag da kne maki sumpahserana dri jntan durjana toh , sial aa kaw ! pukimak btol , gth aa duhh . benci sial tgok muke kaw !
  • arynehh ary pling bored cz ta kua , just stay uma . ngadap lappy then dgr lgu , update blog , myspacing n youtubing . hurr , busann taokk ?
  • bored jgak cz ta txt ngn sepet , dea tdo aa . tapetape , i takesa pon . i pham dea , penat lyn pangai i ahd arytoh .
  • dpt hug kiss tgok barney jeh tdy , cz ta jpe sepet aryneh :(
  • n ade smthing yg really bared mymind , ade stu cmnt kt page sepet ' YER AZLAN , SAYA TGGU AWK ' . ape meaning cmnt toh ehh ? hmm .
*mood ; raining
*reason ; scared of losing HIM ;(

barney :)

BARNEY SONG , iloveit aa :)
i love you
you love me
we're happy family
with the great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
why dont you say you love me too

for youu :)

dear azlan b arshad
here's a song
special dedicated for you
wif love , ell :)


I could try with the waltz
I could try rock'n'roll
I could try with the blues
If a song would dig you
I could sing it high or low
When I let you go, you know
I thought it was for the best
Now it is so obvious
So here it is, here it goes
I could try it rock'n'roll
A change-your-life-forever-tune
If a song could get me you
I could make it high or low
Sing it on the radio
If that is what I need to do
If a song could get me you
I could run for miles and miles
I'd take off and I'd start flying
I could cross land and sea
If you'd just believe me
I should not have hurt you so
This old house is not a home
Without you here there's no use
I've got no time left to lose
So here it is, here it goes
I could try it rock'n'roll
If a song could get me you
I could make it high or low
Sing it on the radio
If that is what I need to do
If a song could get me you
If a song could get me through
I'd sing my way right back to you
Tell me how to make it right
Tell me now, I'll start tonight
I know I could make it last
I swear to you that if I knew
What I was getting myself into
I wouldn't answer to my fears
I'd never leave you standing there
Just look at me
If you'd only see me
I would prove my love for you
I could swallow half the moon
Just tell me where, tell me when
I will have you back again
Yeah, here it is, here it goes
I could try it rock'n'roll
A change-your-life-forever-tune
If a song could get me you
I could make it high or low
Sing it on the radio
If that is what I need to do
If a song could get me you
So here it is, here it goes
I could try it rock'n'roll
A change-your-life-forever-tune
If a song could get me you
I could make it high or low
Sing it on the radio
If that is what I need to do
If a song could get me you

upcoming superduperawesome movie :)

* im waiting for this fantastic muvie bhaii :)
yeahh , sepet pon na tgok muvie nehh rytes ?
nexweek kte pegi tgok oke ?

November 15, 2009

superdupergreatseven , imy ohh frens !

da schl hols ohh , ryndu dorg aa . sapeh ? dorg aa . bebel nora liul miera chah zyla , hmm . dorg bestfrentilldeath . syg dorg ohh ! swearr :) if i tade bf pon tape , jnji ad dorg . really mishh korg even bru 2daze schl hols start . ble kte na jpe ag ? nexyear yeahh ? alaa , lame ag aa . ta sggup ohh . korg jgn lpe i tao , klo lpe mmg siap aa . hee :) sumpahh , mmg syg korg sgtsgt ! muahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuah :) nty nexyear kte kekal ngn geng kte oke , superdupergreatseven ! geng neh mmg happening glervavi aa , n slalu wanted kt schl n asrama . npehh ? ktorg wt hal aa . bwk hp aa , kntoi photo kiss aa , kantoi date aa . i think ckgu pon da busan tgok muke ktorg jeh kt bilik hem toh . who care ? hahah . ktorg pon ta suke sgt schl toh , cm anjeng jeh ! ckgu sume suke nyalak , grr . bia aa , as long ktorg ttp tgether :) iloveyou babes , jnji kte kwn sampi blerbler yeahh ? muahh . wif love , ell :)

heyy , this song for u babes :)

this is what i look like today
and i'm trying not to pull out my hair
i'm trying not to show it cause i'm far too shy to grow it back there
that's probably why i like wearing hats
there's no denying i'm deferring the facts
avoiding confrontation
lacks tact in a situation
behind every line is a lesson yet to learn
but if you ask me
the feeling that i'm feeling is overwhelming
and oh it goes to show
i've so much to know
i wrote this for my prettiest friend
who while trying not to prove that i care
trying not to make all my moves in one motion and scare her away
well she can't see she's making me crazy now
i don't believe she knows she's amazing how
she has me holding my breathe
so i'd never guess that i'm a none such unsuitable, suitable for her
but if you ask me
the feeling that i'm feeling is complimentery
and oh it goes to show
the moral of the story is boy loves girl
and so on the way that it unfolds is yet to be told
i know that i should be brave
even pretty can be seen by the blind
i know that i cannot wait
until the day we finally learn how to find each other
redefining open minds
and if you ask me
the feeling that i'm feeling is overjoyed
and it's golden, it goes to show then
the ending of this song should be left alone
and so on cause the way it unfolds is yet to be told

just for ;