October 10, 2009

bright sunshinee in cloudy day :(

hye peep ! i really misshh abd aziz b maslan , still remember him ? yeahh, mylovely exbf . evryday i dpt tgok dy , just stalking dy ohh . beshh dpt tgokk muke dy ! i wanna him bck , but i cant ;( ermmm . kn besh klo i ley dpt dy alekk , hmm ! arytoh i nmpk dy tao tyme i tgh lepak kt blkoni clas , the tbe2 nora ckp kt i " AJIS G JPE NAD " wtf , npe dy jpe popan toh ? dy ad pe ngn popan toh ag ? jeles laaa :( i tros msok clas then hug miera . miera tny " NPE NEYH " i nges act tyme toh , hmm . i pon wt bdo jea , nty liul n miera tao pulak i nges . dlm aty i ber api2 ckp npe ajis jpe nad ?! dorunk toh ape ? shitt laaa ! then nora msok clas n ckp " AJIS TOH SCNDAL NGN NAD KOTT " berkecai aty i ohh even i neyh exgf ajis tp i stil syg dye ag ! npe situation cmneyhh en ? taleyy er bg i ajis toh blek ? i really syg dy ag , swearr !

evethought the weather not soo bright
eventhought the rainbow not soo pretty
eventhought the dream not soo real
i still wrote ur name deep in my heart
every minutes n second tht pass away
as a memory

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